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Startup York is led by business owners who volunteer their time to run events, share expertise, mentor startup founders, and connect other business owners.

If you have an interest in joining our grassroots group and help the community, let us know!

Meet the Team

We're Always Looking for New Ideas

Belle Yuan

Lead, EIR Richmond Hill

Driven by her passion in workplace law and a desire to create her own path, Belle Yuan founded Strategywise HR after 15 years in the corporate world.   Her company provides specialized HR and Workplace Investigation services to mid-sized firms to help them improve compliance and avoid common pitfalls in managing staff.

Jennifer Green


Jennifer Green started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 and hasn’t looked back.  Her current company, Jade Consulting, has now been successfully working with entrepreneurs and businesses offering Finance, Accounting and HR services for 17 years.

Lucas Chang


After spending 15 years in corporate, Lucas Chang decided to try his hand in the open market.  His "why" has been to help others find their voice.  As such, he co-founded the Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs, an incubator that helps teens and pre-teens learn about entrepreneurship.


Are you a government agency?

No.  We are a community of entrepreneurs.  While our government partners sometimes work with us, our events and programs are led and coordinated by our entrepreneur volunteers.

Is this only for tech startups?

Many of our community are not involved in technology businesses.  We welcome entrepreneurs (including people thinking about starting a business) across all industries, stages of business maturity, genders, cultures, and so on. 

The only requirement we have of our community members is that they don't come to an event looking to pitch their business to people.

What does it cost to join?

Nothing.  We don't charge money to be part of this community (because that feels wrong).  You pay for what you consume in food or drink, but it costs nothing to participate.  Just bring your ideas and perspectives.

How are you funded?

We're not.  Community partners, such as the libraries, donate space and we manage the events to keep other costs close to zero.

That said, if you're interested to sponsor an event, please let us know.

I'd like to meet with your members to tell them about how they would benefit from my business.  How can I book a session?

You can't.  We're pretty firm on our no-pitch and no-sales culture.  There are other organizations and forums in York Region to pitch products and services - this isn't one of them.

How do I book an appointment with you to understand your services to help startups?

We don't provide coaching or consulting services - we host events and forums where entrepreneurs (new, established, or potential) can connect and often help one another, but we don't consult.  And of course, you're welcome to come to our events.

Our community partners, however, do provide services to entrepreneurs including advisory, training, mentoring, and connections with funding opportunities.  A list of resources that can help is here, and we can introduce you to most of the partners in the document if needed.

I am in [country] and need a letter to help me enter Canada. Can you help?

No.  Some of our community partners might be able to help.  Please refer to this list of resources that help entrepreneurs in York Region.

Do you offer funding for startups?

No.  Some of our community partners such as the York Angels, Keiretsu, and the Ontario Centres of Excellence might be able to help.  Please refer to this list of resources that help entrepreneurs in York Region.

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